November 29, 2011

I’ve pushed out version 0.3 of BrainSharper today. This is mainly a bug-fix and a maintenance release. The fixes include a lot of details that make BS “just work”. Here are a few highlights:

Additionally, I’ve completed the documentation page.

Next on my list are a number of architectural refactorings and … yes … as announced on the download page, the Mac Port. Which I’ve totally excited about. I will learn for the first time how the native user interface on the Mac looks like from the inside. The plan is to drive that via MonoMac as far as possible. If anything gets wrong or annoying, I will choose to build a mixed UI application: OpenGL for the rendering of the document, and the native UI for editing. I just hope that the back-porting to Windows won’t get into a nightmare. But what I know is that the architecture will benefit a lot from making the UI platform independent.