I'd like to thank the following people for their ongoing support:

T. Rader, for the uncountable brainstorming sessions about BrainSharper's features and usability.
Louise Chen, for designing the wonderful BrainSharper icon and logo.
F. Zeising, for reminding me that there is life beyond the computer screen.

And all the early version testers for their valuable feedback and feature requests:

B. Lechner, C. Ehrenberg, C. Orsega, F. Brandner, F. Link, G. Badevic, G. Gastl, H. Brandner, H. Erhardt, M. Baarz, M. Heilmann, R. Grubb, R. Schroeter, T. Witt

If you'd like to see your full name or a link to your homepage here, drop me a note.